A solution for every phase

Where do you stand with your business problem, idea or product? Is it in an ideation phase, do you have a pixel perfect design or do you have an existing application that needs to be extended? For each ‘maturity phase’ we have a tailored service to start from.

A thorough review


In case you have an existing (Flutter) application but are stuck, aren’t sure how you would scale it or wan’t a second opinion, then we can do an audit and formulate concrete steps to advance your code base to be future proof.

Our audit points:

Project Structure
Test coverage
Versions & dependencies
CI/CD setup

A quick proof of concept


Let’s build, in a few days, a very specific subset of your product to validate your boldest bet or biggest technical risk. We can do this through our quick prototyping process.

Starting a new project can be a huge undertaking and it’s important to ‘shift risks left’. This means to try an mitigate the biggest risks already early in the project or even before the full project starts.

This can be done by making one or more (technical) prototypes. This can for instance be on a technical integration, certain performance requirements or user interactions.

Covering such topics early can give confidence in a future collaboration and feasibility of the project.

Impact mapping

Making impact

Collaboratively we clarify your context and goal. Through actors, and impacts this leads us to potential deliverables. Can we make that impact through software? Let’s continue talking!



Why are we doing this?



Who can produce the desired effect? Who can obstruct it? Who are the consumers or users of our product? Who will be impacted by it?



How should our actors’ behaviour change? How can they help us to achieve the goal? How can they obstruct or prevent us from succeeding?

Impact mapping is a lightweight, collaborative planning technique for teams that want to make a big impact with software products. More information about this technique can be found on https://www.impactmapping.org

Story mapping

Telling the story

You have a story, buy don’t know yet how to turn it into software? Or probably it’s too big to build everything in one time. We can help to structure your story and slice it into iterations to start a concrete project which creates value from the beginning.

To do this we use a technique called story mapping. We often combine this with building a ‘glossary’ of the (business) language of the domain. This helps everybody involved to learn the specific terminology in the product context and let the code reflect the same naming as in the real world domain.

A well worked out story map is a head start for any project.

Iterative software development


You are all set and just need to ‘build it’. With the power of Flutter & Dart we are the ideal partner for an effective development cycle.

Powered with the Flutter framework we create applications for virtually any screen. This includes Android and iOS as mobile platforms, Windows, Mac and Linux as desktop platforms, and web. Even on more ‘exotic’ screens we can deploy applications in case these are powered by and underlying Linux or Android operating system.

We do all screen development, for which screen would you like to go?

Impact through collaboration

Our reference cases

Back-end, Full service, Mobile, Web

Race Gorilla

Case study