Race Gorilla

For RaceGorilla we deliver full stack services. From rebuilding their mobile app in Flutter to extending the PHP/Laravel back-end and Angular web application.

RaceGorilla offers a ‘self service’ sports timing platform. Due to the COVID pandemic they saw the sports event market coming to a halt. This challenged the team to re-imagine their tech stack. By moving to Flutter they were able to do more with a smaller team.

Sports timing is accurate business. Unlock’d was able to develop a high performant mobile application in Flutter to deliver synchronised timing services via multiple mobile devices.

The app incorporates many advanced integrations like a bluetooth connection, MQTT for live updates, and a local database and queue for offline data storage and sync for situations with unstable data connections.

Our collaboration with RaceGorilla transformed in a partnership by also getting involved in the extension of their PHP/Laravel back-end and Angular front-end.

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April 13, 2021

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Mobile app

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