Mobile & web

  • One single code base

  • Native performance
  • Reduced cost

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  • Increased security
  • Low level integrations
  • Single code base

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Special devices

Do you have needs for user interfaces on special devices? We are ready to take on this challenge with you!

About us

Mastering the Art of Multi-Platform

As a dynamic team of seasoned software crafters, we specialize in comprehensive multi-platform consultancy using Flutter & Dart for all-screen applications. Our youthful energy combines with extensive experience to deliver exceptional solutions, leveraging Dart & Flutter to cater to a diverse range of screens. We are committed to understanding the intricacies of your business context and creating product increments through an iterative and collaborative approach.

Dart & Flutter


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Our reference cases

Back-end, Full service, Mobile, Web

Race Gorilla

Case study

A solution for every phase

Where do you stand with your business problem, idea or product? Is it in an ideation phase, do you have a pixel perfect design or do you have an existing application that needs to be extended? For each ‘maturity phase’ we have a tailored service to start from.

From our blog

Development, Tutorials

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