Twerk is a non-profit organisation producing chocolate products for events like eastern and Saint Nicholas. They work with a group of employees who are on the spectrum. The employees are guided by coaches. To facilitate communication between the coaches and employees we’ve created ‘Dialogz’; a mobile and web application in which employees can provide feeling or mood indicators, review agreements and chat with coaches.

Via the Dialogz app employees receive a daily wellbeing questionnaire. The questionnaire can be a simple ‘feeling indicator’ through colours, smilies or numbers, but also more elaborate through a list of questions. Additionally both employees and coaches can start a chat on a diary entry.

Dialogz allows the employee to communicate at it’s own preferred moment and way and thereby providing time to process and respond adequately.

Unlock’d developed an employee application for both mobile (iOS & Android) and web, and a web dashboard for the coaches to interact with the employees.

The front-end is fully build in Flutter, integrating AWS Cognito for authentication and Firebase for push notifications. The back-end is written in Java and deployed on AWS using Lightsail.

The mobile design was created in collaboration with our Xplore Group sister company Fabrikate.

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Release Date

April, 2023

Project Types

Mobile & web app

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