Summit Registration Services

Summit offers tailor-made solutions, ranging from registration, badging, and scanning to data and lead management for all kind of events. For the legacy migration, of their mobile application, to Flutter the Unlock’d team jumped in. In only six weeks we not only did a complete rewrite of the application, but also implemented a new design along the way, and added new features towards the end.

The Summit Lead app allows ‘stand holders’ on an event to scan event visitors, view & update their details and fill in questionnaires.

Scan speed and full offline behaviour were crucial to the operational usage of the app. Therefore an offline/online synchronisation mechanism was build in and Unlock’d its vast experience in barcode scanning was used to achieve scanning speeds in Flutter which are on par with their legacy application.

The application not only runs on regular iOS and Android devices, but also integrates with the Zebra scanner SDK to run on Zebra handheld scanners.

  • Unlock’d developed ‘Summit Lead’ for iOS & Android
  • The mobile application integrates with Summit’s back-end for data retrieval and lead synchornisation
  • The mobile design was created in collaboration with our Xplore Group sister company Fabrikate.

Client Name

Summit Registration Services

Release Date

September, 2023

Project Types

Mobile app

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