Senior Flutter Developer

Job opening

We’re looking for…

A person with strong expertise in Dart & Flutter on multiple platforms and a solid understanding in either iOS or Android development. Moreover you don’t see ‘being a developer’ as the one who just writes code. But as a person who can work together in a team and translate a business domain or question into quality software working in production.

You will be on our Belgian payroll, so you need to have a Belgian address at the time of contract signature.

The job

  • Deliver business value through the development of high-quality software solutions.
  • Foster a collaborative team environment, emphasizing extensive teamwork throughout the development process.
  • Take a holistic approach to value delivery, including a comprehensive understanding of the business domain and application behavior in production.
  • Contribute to shaping the application’s architecture, making strategic decisions to ensure long-term success and scalability.
  • Move beyond traditional coding responsibilities to actively engage in all aspects of the development lifecycle.
  • Encourage open-mindedness and collaboration, welcoming diverse ideas and viewpoints from team members.
  • Actively participate in mentoring and guiding junior team members, sharing your experience and knowledge.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement and stay updated on industry best practices.
  • Utilize expertise in Flutter development to create innovative and impactful solutions for our clients.


  • Proficient expertise in Dart & Flutter with a deep understanding of advanced concepts and best practices.
  • Graduated with a degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in mobile app development, including mastery of best practices and design patterns.
  • Proven expertise in working with RESTful APIs and seamless integration.
  • Advanced proficiency in version control systems, particularly Git.
  • Exceptional problem-solving and communication skills, with a track record of addressing complex issues.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and work collaboratively within a team.
  • Fluent proficiency in both Dutch and English languages.

Nice to have

  • You also have experience in a back-end technology (preferably Java, NodeJs, Python) or a low level language (C, Rust)
  • You have good knowledge of either iOS or Android native development
  • You find comfort in a test driven approach when developing a new feature.

Who you are

  • You like to collaborate (including pair programming) in a team to provide customer value
  • You prefer to work in trunk instead of living in a branch
  • You are vocal about your opinions

Our offer

  • A team focussed on collaboration and providing customer value
  • A hybrid work week
  • Learning & knowledge sharing sessions
  • Work in a context where software (crafting) skills are the norm
  • An all round approach to delivering quality software (there is more then writing code)
  • Contribute to the growth of Unlock’d as a company
  • A competitive salary, company car, insurance (healthcare & group), expense package, and more….

About us

We are a young team of software crafters.

We are a young team of experienced software crafters and we build “all screen applications”. We love building solutions on top of Dart & Flutter and we build applications for virtually any screen. We focus on understanding a business context and collaboratively create a first product iteration to validate its impact in the shortest possible timeframe.

Unlock’d is proudly part of the Xplore Group.

The process

What’s next?

We keep the interviewing process as light as possible. For junior positions it’s typically the shortest, for senior positions there can be extra session(s) since we’ll have more to discuss and exchange on.


Apply & Intro

You can apply by filling in the form below and include your resume and optionally a motivation letter and other reference material.

We’ll get in touch with you for a quick chat and plan an onsite or online session to get to know each other.



When the first step goes well you continue to a discussion & pair programming session. We’ll talk about your motivation, approach and experience, and by working through a coding challenge together we get the best idea on what a future collaboration can be like.

Depending on your experience we might have so much software crafting or Dart & Flutter stuff to discuss that we plan another chat.


Contract & start

Ok, now we are close. We’ve had engaging sessions and will do you a contract offer to welcome you as part of our team.

We’ll discuss the full salary & benefits package and align on a starting date to join our team.


Apply now