Charger Dashboard

Xplore Group manages their own charger stations for their electric car fleet. We’ve build the in-office charger dashboards to visualise charger occupation and status.

Has my car finished charging and which charging stations are free? To answer these questions we’ve build an in-office charging station dashboard which provides an overview of the 20 charging stations and their status.

For Xplore Group we did the design process together with US based on the Xplore Group style guide. Since a detailed style guide was already available the dashboard could effectively be designed within a short time frame.

The dashboard is fully implemented in Flutter and deployed on a Raspberry PI using Flutter embedded. Deployment on a PI was chosen so that no webserver is required to run the application.

After first deployment the dashboard got directly extended with the seat occupation of the office floors. Via Robin seats employees can book their seat. Then the reserved seats and total capacity for the current and next four days are displayed.

Client Name

Xplore Group

Release Date

September 13, 2022

Project Types

App Service

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